This site is primarily a showcase of my fine art photography. The statement and biography should provide further insight into what motivates and guides my art.

Should you be interested in purchasing a print, please visit my new website and gallery which has a selection  posted:  It makes it easy to order and have them delivered to you framed and ready to hang.

The resume is edited and distilled. Should you be interested in the complete and current resume there is a link here. I have just updated this site by adding photos of a permanent installation of my prints at SEDL/Phase 2 in Austin, Texas. The image on the left is from the series, Mosaic, and is untitled at the moment. Photography is a medium of light just as dance is a medium of movement.  The camera's ability to capture what is usually agreed upon as  "reality" is the least of its possibilities. It has a great ability to capture that which is unseen, beneath the surface and hidden from view, much as an iceberg which is 90% underwater and invisible but no less real. This is abstraction. Most of my work from the beginning is abstract in some manner.  All of my black and white photography is produced optically, on film,  printed in a traditional darkroom and is concerned with some degree of abstraction. The color work is shot on color transparency film and then high resolution Imocon scans are made. The images are then fine tuned in Photoshop and printed as carbon pigment prints on 100% rag watercolor paper, such as Hahnemuhle Photorag. None of the original imagery was created using digital photography.

I have begun offering private workshops. I have worked on my technique and vision for over 40 years, including 12 years teaching photography at Texas State University,  and would now like to help others achieve their creative goals.  There is nothing more satisfying then being in command of your medium and understanding what it is you are striving to express.  What is important to you? What do you want to communicate? How do you conduct the business of photography? Those are the important issues.  These one-on-one and small group classes will take place at my home studio using my equipment. Please take a look here.