Private Instruction

These classes will give the opportunity for the greatest growth in the shortest time. I have worked on my technique and vision for over 40 years, including 12 years teaching photography at Texas State University,  and would now like to help others achieve their creative goals.  There is nothing more satisfying then being in command of your medium and understanding what it is you are striving to express.  What is important to you? What do you want to communicate? Those are the important issues.  The one-on-one classes will take place at my home studio using my equipment.

Film Development and Contact Sheet

Learn how to develop your choice of 35mm, medium format, or 4x5 film and make contact sheets. A four-hour, one-on-one session is devoted to each format.

$300 / 8am-12pm or 1-5pm / Offered Tues, Thur, Fri & Sat

Making Prints in the Darkroom

Fundamentals of darkroom procedures are covered. Contrast control with filters, burning and dodging, mixing chemicals, archival processing and learning how to look at and evaluate a print. Four-hour, one-on-one sessions.

$300 / 8am-12pm or 1-5pm / Offered Tues, Thur, Fri & Sat

Discovering Your Vision

Concentrate on photography as a path to self-discovery and awareness. Discover what moves you and why, and investigate how to create art that reflects this. Study light: photography is a medium of light and all imagery is informed by it. It is not the subject you photograph, but what you evoke from it that is important. Unite one's vision - what one wants to say - and one's technique - how one manifests the vision. These are five-hour sessions and could accommodate up to 3 people. While FILM DEVELOPMENT and MAKING PRINTS are about film, DISCOVERING YOUR VISION can  be applied to any process, digital, film and even over forms of art. This can be a class of up to 3.

$500 /  1-6pm / Offered Thur & Sat

The Business of Photography

A guide to photography as a career and the business aspects involved. This is a course based on three areas of concentration: Identity, Presentation and Archiving. Identity is who you are and how you got here, Presentation is what that Identity looks like and Archiving is about cataloguing, organizing and business. Can accomodate up to a class of 5.

$500 /  1-6pm / Offered Thur & Sat

Take as many sessions as you like and choose your own level of proficiency. Choose what you would like to concentrate on, then customize your class. These prices are introductory so sign up now to take advantage of the reduced pricing. Because these are taught one-on-one in my home studio, you are welcome to bring a friend, but only you will be allowed to participate in the actual lesson

Online registration will be available soon, but you can contact me today at if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.