This series began with my desire to capture anger and fear on film. At first I was going to use paper, cut and bent into various forms, to express these emotions. Then, I asked Dan Leegant, an actor, to capture these feelings and I knew that the work had begun. I purposely selected him because of his age, his physical presence, and his expressive face.

I dressed him in a loin cloth and skull cap and powdered his whole body to make him more abstract and universal. This was not about photographing a model. I didn't want these images to be portraits of Dan, or anyone, but rather portraits of different emotions.

As we proceeded, I became more intrigued than ever. I knew I wanted to do an in-depth, extensive exploration of all the emotions and how they can be portrayed, not only through the face, but by various parts of the body.

Each individual  image is purposely not titled as I do not want to influence the viewer’s reaction by telling them what to feel. One person’s “anger” might be another’s “fear”. The series presently consists of about thirty 12 x 18 inch gelatin silver prints.