Different Perspectives

Lens-based, abstract, mixed media imagery.

Current ongoing series concerned with counterpoint, color fields, light, structure, tension and balance/imbalance. I am intertwining architectural design with my imagery. For instance,  Guilio Romano's Palazzo del Tei, a Mannerist building, that I consider a major influence, is about tension and the unexpected. Almost a lack of structural integrity. I am definitely going in this direction. These elements have been present in my work from the beginning but are pushed in a new direction. My architectural background and interests are surfacing. Music is another theme. Such as the Bartok string quartets and Thelonius Monk playing his "Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are".  As well, my lack of interest in the camera's ability to capture reality is becoming more prevalent.

Different Perspectives is in it's infancy. 17 transparencys have been produced in my studio and, although these are complete by themselves, I have been experimenting with deconstructing them into composites using formal geometric elements, drawing, watercolor and collage.. In addition I hope to investigate creating wall sculptures that will be constucted of and combining various light boxes and painted wood or metal forms. The latter is purely in the conceptual stage at this point but I have begun the composite stage, examples of which I have included here,